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Peacock Lane December 20, 2010

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     It’s not a big secret that I’m pretty much obsessed with Christmas. I LOVE this time of year with the giving and the getting and the trees and the lights and the carols. It’s just plain festive and fun. I especially love the lights. I remember when I was a kid the excitement of seeing our neighborhood light up just after Christmas. We also had a family tradition that included a post-Christmas Eve church service drive around town to see the lights. This tradition got less and less popular as the three kids in the backseat got older and older. But when we were small, the elbowing and fighting would always come to a halt as we passed an especially decorated Griswold-esc house. Wide eyes and expressions that reflect the awe of hundreds of twinkling lights are pretty priceless memories.
     I think every town has that one street, or that one neighborhood that goes all out – a normally quiet cul-de-sac that transforms into a busy street for a few weeks a year.  In Portland we have Peacock Lane. I have to admit, that I knew nothing about this iconic Portland tradition until this year. Holy cow! I can’t believe what we’d been missing!

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     Peacock Lane is awesome and funkily weird all at the same time. It’s a short street of Tudor houses between SE Stark and SE Belmont (it would be 40th St if it weren’t Peacock Land). The houses are decorated to the hilt. Forget hundreds and think thousands of sparkling lights. It’s real good. But it can also be a traffic jam. Park a few blocks away and walk. Brent and I checked it driving one night and then went back on Friday and walked. It’s so much better to take it in at a stroll. Plus there are tons of people in festive moods laughing and having fun. You miss that part if you’re in the car (unless you’ve had too much wine and are hanging your head out of the car window snapping pics and laughing with people). The walk is worth braving the cold and it’s a short street so it’s quick and oh-so-much-Christmas fun.
Make this Portland tradition part of your Christmas plans this season.

     I’d love to hear of other parts of town that are twinkling with an above-average number of lights. What’s your favorite Christmas light display?


One Response to “Peacock Lane”

  1. Peacock Lane is the best! I love Christmas lights. We actually tour neighborhoods to find new little gems starting right after Thanksgiving. There are 2 that are notable here in Tualatin -SW Kawanda Ct (they even have hand-painted mailboxes!) and 22275/22325 Southwest Martinazzi Avenue which has a 15 mins light show every night at 7pm. It’s flat out amazing and ends with a snow machine sending flakes out across both yards set to music.

    Couple other personal favorites – PIR, The Zoo Lights, The Grotto and The Queen Anne Victorian Mansion. All good stuff!

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